Engine Dynamometer Service


Cal Dyno first started in the back of Elgin's Machine Shop in 1969.  Since then we have run a large variety of production and race engines for SCCA, IMSA, FIA, NHRA and NASCAR classes.


With our SF 901 doing the work, and Windyn collecting the data, we are able to record very accurate spreadsheets and graphs.  Monitoring the various temperatures, pressures and flow channels make it possible to keep a close check on the engine throughout each run.  All data can be corrected to STP or SAE standards.


Tune your engine on the dyno and your chassis at the track.  The dyno is the best place to try different components to get the most out of your engine plus the advantage of being able to retorque and set clearances.

206 Dino
Brendan's CJ3B
Pontiac 455
SB Chevy
Ferrari 365
Austin Healey 3000
Ford Flathead
Ford FE
Maytag Model 72
Lotus 1600

Things to do before you arrive:


Motor completely assembled with flywheel

No fan unless it's air cooled

Pressurize oil system if possible

No thermostat, restrictor is ok

TDC should be accurately set

Set static ignition timing

Multiple carb linkage adjusted

Things to bring:



Clutch, pressure plate and pilot bearing

Motor mounts

Ignition System

Headers, collectors,  mufflers etc.

Oil and oil filter


New spark plugs

Air box and filter

Carb jets, venturi, velocity stacks

Special tools




Located at:

1068 Center St  -  San Carlos  -  CA 94070

Tel 650-369-5966 

Cell 650-207-6940
E-mail gr@caldyno.com